Create Namespace

The first step in creating your own model resource in ⚗️ Instill Model is to initialise a model namespace from the 🔮 Instill Core or ☁️ Instill Cloud console. Follow the steps below to create an empty model namespace for your model:

  1. Initiate by selecting + Create Model on your model page.
  2. Configure
    • Owner: Determine whether the model will reside under your personal account or your organization's account.
    • Model ID: Input a name for your model namespace.
    • Description: Optionally, provide a description to offer more context about the model.
    • Visibility: Decide if you prefer your model to be public or private.
    • AI Task: Choose the type of AI Task this model will execute.
    • Cloud Region: Select which cloud provider and which region the model will be hosted on.
    • Hardware: Choose the hardware type this model will operate on, cost will vary.

A public model is visible and can be accessed by all users.

  1. At this point, you have created an empty model namespace. Please now refer to the Prepare Model page to ready your custom models for serving!

Last updated: 7/19/2024, 2:19:08 PM