Instill Format

💧 Instill VDP defines the Instill Format as the data type identifier, ensuring consistency and compatibility across components. Each input field in a component will define instillAcceptFormats, specifying the data types the component can accept. Conversely, each output field will define instillFormat, indicating the data type the component produces. The design of 💧 Instill VDP reference system ensures that all input fields reference the correct data types, maintaining the integrity and functionality of the data pipeline.

💧 Instill VDP extends the Instill Format from the JSON primitive types and MIME types (IANA media types).

JSON Primitive Types:

  • string
  • number
  • integer
  • boolean
  • object
  • array

MIME Types:

  • text/*: All kinds of text data, such as text/html
  • image/*: All kinds of image data, such as image/jpeg
  • video/*: All kinds of video data, such as video/h264
  • audio/*: All kinds of audio data, such as audio/wav
  • application/*: Other types of data, such as application/pdf

Semi-structured Data Types

  • semi-structured/json: JSON data, which can include any JSON primitive types
  • semi-structured/object

Structured Data Types

Structured data types are specifically designed for various advanced tasks, particularly in the fields of Large Language Model (LLM) and Computer Vision (CV).

  • structured/chat-message: Used in LLM tasks
  • structured/multi-modal-content: Used in LLM tasks
  • structured/bounding-box: Used in CV tasks
  • structured/detection-object: Used in CV tasks
  • structured/instance-segmentation-object: Used in CV tasks
  • structured/keypoint-object: Used in CV tasks
  • structured/ocr-object: Used in CV tasks
  • structured/semantic-segmentation-stuff: Used in CV tasks

By adhering to these formats, 💧 Instill VDP ensures accurate and efficient data processing, enabling users to construct robust and scalable unstructured data pipelines. The utilization of standardized data types also promotes seamless integration and interoperability among various components and systems within the 💧 Instill VDP.

Last updated: 6/19/2024, 9:44:03 PM