⚗️ Instill Model is an advanced MLOps/LLMOps platform and a key component of the 🔮 Instill Core suite, designed to address the challenges of developing and deploying deep learning models for unstructured data ETL. It provides robust model serving, orchestration and monitoring capabilities, enabling efficient management and deployment of machine learning models.

As part of the full-stack AI solution offered by 🔮 Instill Core, ⚗️ Instill Model works in conjunction with 💧 Instill VDP and 💾 Instill Artifact. This means that ⚗️ Instill Model can be used as either a standalone scalable and robust model serving solution, or in tandem with 💧 Instill VDP to leverage your own custom models and create bespoke AI workflows.

Last updated: 6/19/2024, 9:44:03 PM