The Email component is an application component that allows users to get and send email from Mail Protocol. It can carry out the following tasks:

You can connect to different email servers through the Email component. Emails are fetched and sent using the IMAP and SMTP protocols, respectively. You can set the server address and port for each protocol in the component configuration.

#Release Stage



The component configuration is defined and maintained here.


FieldField IDTypeNote
Server Address (required)server-addressstringThe address of the email server
Server Port (required)server-portintegerThe port of the email server
Email Address (required)email-addressstringThe email address of the user
App Password (required)passwordstringThe password of the App passwords in Gmail settings

Supported Provider Samples for Sending Email

ProviderSMTP Server AddressPortNotes (TLS) or 465 (SSL)
Outlooksmtp-mail.outlook.com587 or 587 you see an error message when using SSL, try using TLS or STARTTLS instead.

Supported Provider Samples for Receiving Emails

ProviderIMAP Server AddressPort

For App Password, please follow the steps below:

    1. Please Sign in to your Google Account with link:
    1. Create a new App Password and save it in a secure place.
    1. Add App Password as a new secret in the Instill Platform by navigating to Console > Settings > Secrets.
    1. Reference the secret in the App Password field in the component configuration.

#Supported Tasks

#Send Email

Send an email to recipients

Task ID (required)taskstringTASK_SEND_EMAIL
Recipient (required)recipientsarray[string]The email addresses of the recipients
Ccccarray[string]The email addresses for Carbon Copy
Bccbccarray[string]The email addresses for Blind Carbon Copy
SubjectsubjectstringThe subject of the email
Message (required)messagestringThe message to be sent
ResultresultstringThe result of sending the email

#Read Emails

Read emails from a mailbox

Task ID (required)taskstringTASK_READ_EMAILS
SearchsearchobjectThe search criteria for the emails
Emailsemailsarray[object]The emails that match the search criteria

#Search object

FieldField IDTypeNote
Mailbox (required)mailboxstringThe mailbox you want to fetch from email server
Search Subjectsearch-subjectstringThe text you want to search in the subject of the email
Search Fromsearch-fromstringThe email address you want to search in the from field of the email
Search Tosearch-tostringThe email address you want to search in the to field of the email
Search Datesearch-datestringThe date you want to search in the email
Search Email Messagesearch-email-messagestringThe text you want to search in the email message
LimitlimitintegerThe maximum number of emails to search for


You have to confirm what exactly the mailbox name is. Take Gmail as an example, the mailbox names are following.

MailboxMailbox Name to input
Sent[Gmail]/Sent Mail

#Search From and Search To

You need to input the exact same email address with < as a prefix and > as a suffix as the email you want to search for. For example, if you want to search for the email from, you need to input <>.

#Emails object

FieldField IDTypeNote
DatedatestringThe date of the email
FromfromstringThe email address of the sender
Totoarray[string]The email address of the recipient
SubjectsubjectstringThe subject of the email
MessagemessagestringThe message of the email

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