Numbers Protocol

The Numbers Protocol component is an application component that allows users to seamlessly integrate third-party blockchain services through the Numbers Protocol, providing security, verifiability and traceability to data management. It can carry out the following tasks:

#Release Stage



The component configuration is defined and maintained here.


FieldField IDTypeNote
Capture token (required)capture-tokenstringFill in your Capture token in the Capture App. To access your tokens, you need a Capture App account and you can sign in with email or wallet to acquire the Capture Token.

#Supported Tasks


Register a file into NumbersProtocol Chain.

Task ID (required)taskstringTASK_REGISTER
Images (required)imagesarray[string]The images you want to upload to blockchain.
CaptioncaptionstringCaption of the asset.
Asset Creatorasset-creatorstringName of the asset creator.
HeadlineheadlinestringHeadline of the asset
Digital Source Typedigital-source-typestringSpecify the type of the source. More details here
Generated Bygenerated-bystringThe AI model used to generate the content.
Mining Preferencemining-preferencestringDesignates the selection made by the asset creators or licensed owners to decide if the asset is suitable for inclusion in a data mining or AI/ML training workflow. More details here
Asset Urlsasset-urlsarray[string]Asset Urls

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