⚙️ Instill Component serves as an essential building block in the construction of a pipeline within 💧 Instill VDP. The system provides a diverse range of components, each designed to cater to distinct functionalities. These components enhance the capabilities of pipelines, enabling them to effectively perform ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) operations on unstructured data.


Generic components serve as the fundamental elements. They provide the necessary controls and operations for data flow management, including but not limited to looping, failover, filtering, sorting, and merging. These Generic components form the foundation upon which more complex components are constructed.


AI components play a crucial role in transforming unstructured data into formats that are easy to interpret and analyze, thereby facilitating the extraction of valuable insights. These components integrate with AI models from various providers, whether it's the primary ⚗️ Instill Model or those from third-party AI vendors.


Data components are engineered to effortlessly integrate with a wide range of data providers. They provide users with the essential tools to forge connections with numerous data providers and vendors, making the data extraction and loading process more straightforward. 💧 Instill VDP utilizes these Data components to extract data, transform it using AI components, and subsequently deliver the processed data to the intended destinations.


Application components are designed to establish seamless connections with a wide range of applications. This includes, but is not limited to, webpages, Slack, Gmail, Notion, and even blockchains. By leveraging the Application component, users can easily integrate these applications into their data pipelines, enabling efficient data extraction, transformation, and loading. This facilitates the flow of data between different platforms, thereby enhancing the overall data management process and enabling users to derive valuable insights from their unstructured data.


Operator components are designed to provide a more flexible and detailed approach to data handling and manipulation. It empowers users to execute custom code without the necessity for server management or pre-provisioning. This feature allows for on-demand code execution, triggered whenever data is piped into the connector, enhancing the adaptability and efficiency of the data pipeline.

#Component framework

🔮 Instill Core provides a standardized structure for creating components. It uses the ComponentDefinition to outline the fundamental attributes and intricate configuration of a component. For further details, please consult the component repository.

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