Docker Compose

Docker Compose is the a straightforward way to set up 🔮 Instill Core in local machines or remote instances.


Instructions on this page have been tested on macOS and Ubuntu 22.04.


Make sure you have the prerequisites set up:

  • macOS or Linux - 🔮 Instill Core works on macOS or Linux, but does not support Windows at the moment.
  • Docker and Docker Compose - 🔮 Instill Core uses Docker Compose to run all services at local. See the official instructions and the Docker Resource Requirements.



The code in the main branch reflects ongoing development progress for the next release and may not work as expected. If you need a stable alpha version, use the latest release instead.

On your workstation, run:

git clone -b -version- && cd instill-core make all

Once all services are up and running,the Console UI is ready to go at http://localhost:3000. Proceed by following the authorisation guide.


To shutdown and clean up all 🔮 Instill Core resources, run

make down

Last updated: 6/3/2024, 12:51:58 AM