Instill Credit

The purpose of Instill Credit is easing the adoption of 鈽侊笍 Instill Cloud, minimizing the time required to build and set up a pipeline. After setting up your account, you'll get 10,000 monthly credits for free, which can be spent on the following actions:

  • Run your own pipelines, or any public pipeline available on Instill Hub.
  • Execute pre-configured AI components without needing to create accounts or API keys on 3rd party services.

We offer different subscription plans for users that need more monthly credits to fulfil their pipeline run and API consumption needs.

#Pipeline Run

Each pipeline run will consume 1 credit per component within the pipeline.

This excludes the trigger and response components which don't consume any credit, as they are the pipeline's input and output interfaces.

#AI Component

Additionally, Instill AI facilitates out-of-the-box configuration for certain AI components. When such components are created, if the selected task and model are supported, the default configuration will contain the credentials to start using the component.

Use Instill Credit to
run DALL路E 3 image generation with pre-configured credentials
Use Instill Credit to run DALL路E 3 image generation with pre-configured credentials

If you want to override the default configuration and bring your own key, you can update the Connection configuration in your component. Connection fields only take references to secrets in order to minimize the risk of leaking credentials when sharing your pipelines. Therefore, you'll need to create a secret with your API key in your account settings page.

To go back to using the default credentials on your component, you can reference the ${secrets.INSTILL_SECRET} in the component configuration. You may use this reference as well if you want to modify an existing pipeline (e.g. one you cloned from Instill Hub) and use the default credentials on any supported component.

The following section details the supported AI tasks & models and their Instill Credit cost per unit.

#Supported AI Tasks and Models


VendorModelCredit Cost per 1,000 Input TokensCredit Cost per 1,000 Output Tokens
OpenAIGPT-4 (32K)6001,200
OpenAIGPT-4 (128K)100300
OpenAIGPT-4 VISION100300

#Text Embeddings

VendorModelCredit Cost per 1,000 Input Tokens
OpenAIText Embedding 3 Small0.2
OpenAIText Embedding 3 Large1.3

#Image Generation

VendorModelImage SizeCredit Cost per Image
OpenAIDALL路E 3 Standard1024x1024400
OpenAIDALL路E 3 Standard1024x1792, 1792x1024800
OpenAIDALL路E 3 HD1024x1024800
OpenAIDALL路E 3 HD1024x1792, 1792x10241,200
Stability AISDXL 1.060
Stability AISD 1.6100

#Audio Recognition

VendorModelCredit Cost per Second

#Text to Speech

VendorModelCredit Cost per 1M Characters
OpenAITTS 1150
OpenAITTS 1 HD300

#Next Additions

Check our Roadmap and subscribe to our Newsletter to keep up to date with the latest tasks, models and vendors that are supported by Instill Credit.

We also plan to leverage Instill Credit to ease data storage and model hosting, stay tuned!

#Organization Credit

Team plans also include monthly Instill Credit for organization, allowing their users to run pipelines owned by an organization they belong to, without their own Instill Credit being affected. Instead, the organization's credit will be consumed.

Non-members can still run public pipelines from an organization, but their personal Instill Credit will be consumed during the operation.

#How can I get more credit?

The amount of monthly Instill Credit of a user or organization depends on their subscription plan.

Additionally, subscribers can purchase extra credit in case the monthly amount doesn't cover their Instill Credit needs. In contrast to monthly credit, purchase credit won't expire at the end of the billing cycle. For that reason, purchased credit will only be consumed only when the subscription credit has been exhausted.

Our roadmap includes more features to cover more complex Instill Credit use cases, such as Credit Auto-billing, where credit is topped up before it is totally exhausted, keeping production environments safe from any potential downtime.

Last updated: 6/19/2024, 5:02:55 PM