The Anthropic component is an AI component that allows users to connect the AI models served on the Anthropic Platform. It can carry out the following tasks:

#Release Stage



The component configuration is defined and maintained here.


FieldField IDTypeNote
API Key (required)api-keystringFill in your Anthropic API key. To find your keys, visit the Anthropic console page.

#Supported Tasks

#Text Generation Chat

Provide text outputs in response to text inputs.

Task ID (required)taskstringTASK_TEXT_GENERATION_CHAT
Model Name (required)model-namestringThe Anthropic model to be used
Prompt (required)promptstringThe prompt text
System messagesystem-messagestringThe system message helps set the behavior of the assistant. For example, you can modify the personality of the assistant or provide specific instructions about how it should behave throughout the conversation. By default, the model’s behavior is set using a generic message as "You are a helpful assistant."
Prompt Imagesprompt-imagesarray[string]The prompt images (Note: The prompt images will be injected in the order they are provided to the 'prompt' message. Anthropic doesn't support sending images via image-url, use this field instead)
Chat historychat-historyarray[object]Incorporate external chat history, specifically previous messages within the conversation. Please note that System Message will be ignored and will not have any effect when this field is populated. Each message should adhere to the format: : {"role": "The message role, i.e. 'system', 'user' or 'assistant'", "content": "message content"}.
SeedseedintegerThe seed (Note: Not supported by Anthropic Models)
TemperaturetemperaturenumberThe temperature for sampling
Top Ktop-kintegerTop k for sampling
Max new tokensmax-new-tokensintegerThe maximum number of tokens for model to generate
TexttextstringModel Output
Usage (optional)usageobjectUsage tokens in Anthropic

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