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Open-source orchestrator for data, AI and pipelines
Open-source orchestrator for data, AI and pipelines

#Instill Core

Explore 🔮 Instill Core, the open-source orchestrator comprising a collection of source-available projects designed to streamline every aspect of building versatile AI features with unstructured data.

#Instill VDP

💧 Instill VDP, also known as VDP (Versatile Data Pipeline), serves as a powerful data orchestrator tailored to address unstructured data ETL challenges.

  • Simplify the journey of processing unstructured data from diverse sources, including AI applications, cloud/on-prem storage, and IoT devices. Utilize AI models and embed business logic to transform raw data into meaningful insights and actionable formats. Efficiently load processed data to warehouses, applications, or other destinations.
  • Build flexible, durable pipelines with features like failover, automatic retries, rate limiting, and batching to handle high-volume data straight out of the box.
Build, test and share your pipelines - No code required!
Build, test and share your pipelines - No code required!

#Instill Model

⚗️ Instill Model or simply Model, an advanced ModelOps/LLMOps platform focused on empowering users to seamlessly import, serve, fine-tune, and monitor Machine Learning (ML) models for continuous optimization.

#Instill Artifact

💾 Instill Artifact (coming soon), or simply Artifact, is your platform for transforming documents (e.g., HTML, PDF, CSV, PPTX, DOC), images (e.g., JPG, PNG, TIFF), audio (e.g., WAV, MP3 ) and video (e.g., MP4, MOV) of various formats into a unified AI-ready format. It ensures your data is clean, curated, and ready for extracting insights and building your knowledge base.

#Instill Cloud

Not quite into self-hosting? We've got you covered with ☁️ Instill Cloud. It's a fully managed public cloud service, providing you with access to all the fantastic features of unstructured data orchestration without the burden of infrastructure management.


  • 🚀 Accelerate AI-first applications by building end-to-end AI-powered pipelines for unstructured data up to 10 times faster
  • 🔌 Utilize pre-built pipeline components to access data from various sources, powerful AI models, and third-party tools
  • 🖱️ One-click import & deploy models and standardise AI task output formats for data integration
  • 🌟 Benefit from a no-code drag-and-drop pipeline builder, enabling quick and customizable application development
  • 🪢 Choose between real-time (SYNC) and on-demand workload (ASYNC) processing modes
  • 🧁 Enjoy a scalable API-first microservice design, offering an excellent developer experience
  • ⚡️ Leverage high-performing backends implemented in Go
  • 📊 Gain visibility into pipeline performance through a detailed dashboard
  • 🤠 Access no-/low-code interfaces, making VDP suitable for every AI and data practitioner

#No-Code/Low-Code Access


To access Instill Cloud, head to https://www.instill.tech.

To access Instill Core and Instill Cloud, you have a few options:

  • Instill Console: Dive in Instill Core/Cloud with no coding
  • 📺 Instill CLI: Bring Instill Core/Cloud to your command line
  • 📦 Instill SDKs: Integrate Instill Core/Cloud with your language of choice

#Be Part of Our Community and Make a Difference

We strongly believe in the power of community collaboration and deeply value your contributions. Head over to our Community repository, the central hub for discussing our open-source projects, raising issues, and sharing your brilliant ideas.

Or, join our community on Discord to engage with fellow users and seek assistance:

  • 👋 Start by introducing yourself in the #introduce-yourself channel and selecting a role in #welcome
  • 🫶 Seek answers to your queries in our #ask-for-help channel
  • 🙏 Provide valuable feedback in the #give-feedback channel
  • 💎 Showcase your exciting projects in the #show-your-work channel

#Learn More and Stay Connected


At Instill, we believe in making AI accessible to everyone. If you have an AI showcase, let's collaborate! Book a meeting to tell us about yourself and your project, and we'll be in touch 👐.

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