Build Model Image

To build a model image for ⚗️ Instill Model, follow these steps:

  1. Install the latest Python 📦 Instill SDK:

pip install instill-sdk

  1. Within your custom model directory, run the build command with your user ID, model ID and optional model version tag:

# for Instill Cloud
instill build USER_ID/MODEL_ID -t VERSION_TAG --target-arch amd64
# for a local Instill Core instance

Note that the model version tag will default to latest if not supplied.


If you are building on a different architecture to the one you are deploying on, you must explicitly specify the target architecture using the --target-arch flag. For example, if you are building on an ARM machine and deploying on ☁️ Instill Cloud, which uses the AMD64 architecture, you must pass --target-arch amd64 when running instill build. If unspecified, the target architecture will default to that of the system you are building on.

  1. After you see similar outputs as below, the image building process finished successfully:

2024-05-28 01:54:44,404.404 INFO [Instill Builder] USER_ID/MODEL_ID:VERSION_TAG built
2024-05-28 01:54:44,423.423 INFO [Instill Builder] Done

The USER_ID, MODEL_ID and VERSION_TAG correspond to the user namespace, the ID of the model and the version tag of the model.

Last updated: 7/15/2024, 11:31:57 PM