Getting started with Instill Core


Instill Core lays the foundation for AI-powered pipelines designed to handle unstructured data. The tools are built on an open and maintainable framework, designed to empower communities to benefit and actively engage.

#💧 Instill VDP

Instill VDP, or VDP (Versatile Data Pipeline), represents a comprehensive unstructured data infrastructure. Its purpose is to simplify the journey of processing unstructured data from start to finish:

  • Extract: Gather unstructured data from diverse sources, including AI applications, cloud/on-prem storage, and IoT devices.
  • Transform: Utilize AI models to convert raw data into meaningful insights and actionable formats.
  • Load: Efficiently move processed data to warehouses, applications, or other destinations.

Embracing VDP is straightforward, whether you opt for Instill Cloud deployment or self-hosting via Instill Core. Consult our comprehensive documentation to delve into VDP deployment.

#⚗️ Instill Model

Instill Model, or simply Model, emerges as an advanced ModelOps platform. Here, the focus is on empowering you to seamlessly import and serve Machine Learning (ML) models for inference purposes. Like other Instill Core products, Model's source code is available for your exploration. To deploy your ML models effectively, check out how to deploy Model.

#🗿 Instill Base

Instill Base, or Base, serves as the bedrock upon which Instill projects thrive. Essential services such as user management servers, databases, and third-party observability tools find their home here. Base plays a pivotal role in facilitating the seamless launch of both VDP and Model. Additionally, it introduces Console, a user-friendly web-based UI application that enhances accessibility and usability across VDP and Model. Check our documentation on how to deploy Base.

#Deploy Instill Core

Ready to unlock all the incredible capabilities of Instill Core? Awesome! To get started, you'll want to fire up both Instill VDP and Model by following these deployment guides:

Here's a quick tip: If you're eager to build AI applications without worrying about model serving, go ahead and launch Instill VDP. On the other hand, if you're solely interested in model serving, then launching Instill Model is the way to go.

So, take your pick, and let's get started on this exciting journey together! 🚀

#No-/Low-code Access

To dive into Instill Core and Instill Cloud, we provide:

  • Console for non-developers, empowering them to dive into AI applications and process unstructured data without any coding.
  • 🧰 CLI and SDKs (Python SDK with more SDKs in the pipeline) for developers to seamlessly integrate with their existing data stack in minutes.