Google Cloud Storage

The Google Cloud Storage component is a data component that allows users to upload data to Google's Cloud Storage. It can carry out the following tasks:

#Release Stage



The component configuration is defined and maintained here.


FieldField IDTypeNote
Bucket Name (required)bucket-namestringName of the bucket to be used for object storage.
JSON Key File contents (required)json-keystringContents of the JSON key file with access to the bucket.

#Supported Tasks


Upload data to Google Cloud Storage.

Task ID (required)taskstringTASK_UPLOAD
Object Name (required)object-namestringThe name of the object to be created
Data (required)datastringThe data to be saved in the object
Authenticated URL (optional)authenticated-urlstringOnly users granted permission can access the object with this link
Gsutil URI (optional)gsutil-uristringFile path to this resource in Cloud Storage
Public Access (optional)public-accessbooleanWhether the object is publicly accessible
Public URL (optional)public-urlstringAnyone with this link can access the object on the public Internet
Upload StatusstatusstringStatus of the upload operation

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