Secret Management

In 💧 Instill VDP, certain components require the configuration of credential data, such as passwords, API keys, and tokens. The protection and privacy of these credentials are paramount. To prevent potential exposure of sensitive data, VDP not only prohibits users from setting credential data as plaintext within the recipe but also stores all credential data in a specified secret space. This approach ensures that sensitive data is kept secure and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. Users can manage their secrets by navigating to Console > Settings > Secrets.

#Secret Reference

When setting up a pipeline, users can refer to stored secrets within component configurations using a specific syntax. Rather than incorporating plaintext credentials, users can securely load secret data by employing the following syntax:


This method ensures that the actual credential data is never exposed in the pipeline configuration, maintaining the integrity and security of the system.

#Steps to Manage Secrets

  1. Access the Secrets page:

    • Proceed to Console > Settings > Secrets.
    • This section provides a user-friendly interface for managing all your credential data.
  2. Create a new secret:

    • Press the Create Secret button.
    • Input a unique key and the corresponding credential data.
    • Press the Create Secret button to save the secret to make it available for pipeline configurations.
  3. Delete a secret:

    • Locate the secret you want to delete.
    • Press the Delete button to delete the secret.

By complying with these practices, 💧 Instill VDP ensures that all credential data is managed securely, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and potential breaches. This method allows users to concentrate on constructing and deploying robust data processing pipelines without jeopardizing security.

Last updated: 6/2/2024, 11:50:09 PM