#Instill VDP

#2023 Q1

  • ✅ Add API Gateway / Reverse Proxy
  • ✅ Support VDP Kubernetes deployment

#2023 Q2

  • ✅ Instill Cloud - our hosted service provides you with all the power of VDP, without managing infrastructure
  • ✅ No-code, drag-and-drop pipeline builder
  • ✅ Flexible and complex pipelines through a DAG design

#2023 Q3 and Q4

  • ✅ Introduce Numbers Protocol Connector to turn digital media files into Web3 assets
  • ✅ Add a dashboard for out-of-the-box monitoring
  • ✅ Logging
  • ✅ Python SDK
  • ✅ TypeScript SDK
  • ✅ Instill CLI
  • ✅ [Public pipelines for discovery and sharing
  • 🔌 Support new AI connectors
    • ✅ Stability AI
    • ✅ OpenAI Text/Chat completion, Whisper, and Embeddings
    • Hugging Face
    • Assembly
  • 🔌 Support new data connectors
    • ✅ Pinecone
    • ✅ BigQuery
    • ✅ Google Cloud Storage (GCS)
    • AWS S3
    • Snowflake
    • Milvus
  • ⚙️ Free-form operator to manipulate the inputs and outputs of connectors
  • 🎯 PULL mode for scheduling pipeline

Instill Model is under rapid development. Our team is pushing new features every day to meet the needs of our users. Here is our public high-level roadmap. If you are interested in what's being worked on right now and what will be explored in the future, please check our Instill Model roadmap.

#Instill Model

#2023 Q2 and Q3

  • ✅ Instill Cloud: our hosted service provides you with all the power of Instill Model, without managing infrastructure
  • ✅ Decouple model deployment feature from VDP and introduce a standalone ModelOps platform called Instill Model, providing a more stable model inference experience

#2023 Q4

  • 🔮 Serve Pre-trained models
    • ✅ Llama-2
    • Stable Diffusion
  • 🔮 Custom model training: Llama-2
  • 🎯 Custom model optimisation: TensorRT
  • 🎯 Model orchestration

#2024 Q1

  • 🔮 Custom model training: Stable Diffusion
  • 🎯 GPU serverless infrastructure

#Contributing to the Roadmap

Your feedback is important for us to understand how to build better and more valuable tools for the community. If you'd like to send us a feature request, have a look at the issues first. If your idea has already made it to the planning, give it the thumbs up 👍 to vote for it. If not, you can create a new issue. Besides, you can also join our community and request it in the #instill-model channel.

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