Welcome to the Instill Cloud documentation! This guide will help you get started with Instill Cloud, empowering you to build AI-first applications effortlessly.

#Instill Cloud: a fully-managed public cloud service

☁️ Instill Cloud is a fully-managed public cloud service that provides you the easiest and most reliable way to access all the fantastic features of Instill Core, while offering several advantages, including:

  • Painless Setup: Getting started is a breeze
  • Maintenance-Free Infrastructure: We handle the backend, allowing you to focus solely on your AI applications
  • Production-Ready Services: Serve your applications with stability and reliability
  • Flexible Pricing: Start for free and pay as you grow

👉 Try Instill Cloud today by following our step-by-step guidelines. The service is currently in Open Alpha testing phase, and all features are FREE during this period.

#Community support

We hope this documentation helps you kickstart your AI-first application journey. Instill Cloud is currently in the Alpha phase, and your feedback is invaluable to us.

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