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Issued on Aug 13 2022
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We've been working hard on the open-source visual data ETL tool VDP for the last few months. A lot of gooooodies 🍬 🍰 🧁 to share with our community!

🚀 Product Updates

VDP: the future for unstructured data ETL

A few months ago, we announced that we're building VDP, an open-source data tool to streamline the end-to-end visual data processing pipeline:

  • Extract unstructured visual data from pre-built data sources such as cloud/on-prem storage, or IoT devices
  • Transform it into analysable structured data by Vision AI models
  • Load the transformed data into warehouses, applications, or other destinations
We believe VDP is the future for unstructured data ETL, where developers won't need to build their own data connectors, high-maintenance model serving platform or ELT pipeline automation tool.
Pre-built ETL data connectors

VDP integrates with Airbyte to provide open-source data connectors.

By leveraging the pre-built and ready-to-use data connectors, VDP is the single point of visual data integration. You can sync visual data from anywhere into a centralised warehouse and focus on gaining insights across all your data sources, instead of maintaining pipelines.

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Import models made easy

VDP integrates with the best ML tools to make importing models super easy.

No need to change how you manage your models. No matter the model is on your computer, in a GitHub or Hugging Face repository, or in cloud storage managed by version control tools like ArtiVC or DVC, import & deploy it with one click 🖱️.

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Data pipelines for diverse scenarios

VDP supports data pipelines for diverse scenarios - no need to build from scratch

⚡ SYNC mode for real-time tasks: process your data with HTTP or gRPC APIs to get results immediately, suitable for tasks that have low-latency requirements.
🕓 ASYNC mode for on-demand workload: set up your data pipeline to process data on demand or schedule, so it processes data only when the trigger criteria are met.

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Standardise Computer Vision tasks

VDP solves popular vision tasks out of the box:

  • Image classification
  • Object detection
  • Keypoint detection
  • OCR (coming soon!)
  • The list is growing…🌱

For each task, you can import corresponding STOA models into VDP to use in the data pipelines. The prediction results are automatically converted to a standardised format ready for future analysis.

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Brand new Console

The Console provides a unified, clean and intuitive user experience of VDP without writing any code.

Build end-to-end data pipelines 10x faster
With VDP, you can build an end-to-end pipeline to connect your visual data, convert them to structured insights and send the results to your database in less than 5 minutes. Click here to get started.

To learn more, please check the VDP documentation.

Give VDP a ⭐ for future updates and 👉 join our community.

Instill Cloud - fully managed VDP (coming soon!)

☁️ We offer fully managed VDP service on Instill Cloud (coming soon!) with Team and Enterprise tiers to organisations that want to get all the power of VDP for their teams, without any hassle.
  • Painless setup
  • Maintenance-free infrastructure
  • Production-ready services
  • Start for free, pay as you grow 🌱
Access to Instill Cloud is currently by invitation only. If you're interested in the hosting service of VDP, join the waitlist and we'll contact you when we're ready.
Our mission is to make Vision AI accessible to everyone. If you are from academic groups and have any showcase of Vision AI in your research, please fill out the form to tell us about yourself and your project, and we will be in touch 👐.

🍎 Community for Vision AI Enthusiasts

YOLOv4 vs. YOLOv7 demo powered by VDP

We've built this live demo to play around with VDP and the STOA object detectors. You can compare the performance of YOLOv4 and YOLOv7 side-by-side.
Interested in what’s behind the curtains? VDP provides a model inference server out of the box to serve as the foundation for building real-world vision applications.

For the demo, we built two VDP pipelines with YOLOv4 and YOLOv7 respectively. By triggering them with low-code, the inference results are sent and displayed on the demo.

#HowToGrow series for Data/AI practitioners

In the last few years, we observed the converging of Data and AI. New practices, new toolings, and even new roles with shifting responsibilities are emerging.

As Vision AI practitioners, we are optimistic and excited, but we also see the whole ecosystem in a frenzied state. How do we understand each other, find the common ground to collaborate, and move forward together in this big messy fun world?

That's why we started the #HowToGrow series where experienced practitioners share valuable lessons from their Data and AI journey 👐.
💡 How to grow as an AI Researcher?
By Xiaofei Du, Co-founder & COO @ Instill AI
In 7 years of working as an AI researcher (4-year PhD + 3 years at AI/CV startup) and 2 years of do-a-bit-of-everything (AI eng, backend, frontend, PM, etc.), here are three lessons I've learnt along the way:

❶ Learn more about data pipeline to have better control of your data
❷ Explain your work on a common ground
❸ Prove the value of your work: avoid optimal on paper, broken in reality

👉 Continue reading
💡 How to grow as an AI Engineer?
by Nguyễn Văn Tâm, AI Engineer @ Instill AI
After 7 years of working as a software engineer (firmware/middleware, mobile and backend application), I switched to AI engineer role 4 years ago. Here are my takeaways from a +10-year software industry journey:
❶ Polish your MLOps tooling skill
❷ Monitor production domain drift and iterate fast
❸ Collaborate across different roles

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We'd love to hear more about your story. What's your most valuable lesson? What frustrates you most in your daily work? Share your story on Twitter and tag us @instill_tech 🐝!
Stay tuned and stay well!

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Co-founder & COO @ Instill AI
Issued on Apr 04 2022
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Buckle up, we have many exciting updates for March!

🍎 Community for Vision AI Enthusiasts

2022 Data + Vision AI Survey

How is the converging of Data and Vision AI shaping your career and daily work? Let's figure it out together to better understand how stakeholders participate and collaborate with each other in the current Data + Vision AI era.

👉 Check out the open survey. Your input will be greatly appreciated. We will share the survey result publicly with the community.

2022 Galaxy Summit

Our CEO Ping-Lin joined a panel in this year's Galaxy Summit with Taboola's Vice President Ning Ning Wu, Gojek's Vice President Pulkit Khanna, Canner Data's CEO Howard Chi and Eslite's Vice President Frank Zhang to talk about the challenges of unstructured data processing and Vision AI in the modern data stack.

Instill AI is dedicated to making unstructured visual data analysable because only analysable data can create value. We build the open-source VDP to streamline the end-to-end visual data processing across different stakeholders.

📺 Watch the panel stream here.

🚀 Product Updates

Open-source VDP - Standardise post-processing more easily

To get the model inference output in a standardised format, check our guidelines to create a model that inherits the corresponding post-processing task class instead of creating it from scratch.
Standardise post-processing for the classification task
Standardise post-processing for the detection task
If you like VDP, don’t hesitate to give us a ⭐ on GitHub and 👉 join our community for Vision AI Enthusiasts.

Instill Cloud tutorial - How to create a detection pipeline in minutes

The tutorial shows how to use Instill AI Cloud service to create an object detection pipeline with a ready-to-use Vision AI model to process image data via HTTP requests.
Stay well!

Cheers 🍻,
Co-founder & COO @ Instill AI
Issued on Mar 05 2022
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What a busy month. Who's ready for the monthly update of February!

🚀 Product Updates

Open-source visual data Preparation (VDP)

We are so excited to announce the VDP project. It is an open-source tool to streamline the end-to-end visual data processing pipeline. In a nutshell, VDP can:
  • Ingest unstructured visual data from data sources such as data lakes or IoT devices;
  • Transform visual data to meaningful structured data representations by Vision AI models;
  • Load the structured data into warehouses, applications, or other destinations.
To build an open platform, we encourage all sorts of integrations and collaborations, and would like to learn your feedback and exchange ideas! If you like the project, don’t hesitate to give us a ⭐ on GitHub and 👉 join our community for Vision AI Enthusiasts.

Instill Cloud - with human-readable pipeline name

Instead of using a randomly generated ID, create a pipeline with a human-readable name as the unique identifier.

📖 Monthly Digest

Check our official blog, where we publish useful guides and resources on visual data preparation, Vision AI and more!

Unstructured data tool to break the tech and team silos
To date, there isn’t any simple tool that can make one easily tap on the value of unstructured visual data. Read our article Missing piece in the modern data stack: visual data preparation on how visual data preparation streamlines visual data processing and eliminates the silos across different roles with a standardised framework.

That's all for now. Stay well!

Cheers 🍻,
Co-founder & COO @ Instill AI
Issued on Jan 29 2022
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Happy 2022 🎉! It's a great way to start the new year with our product updates and interesting reads. Let's dive into the monthly update of January!

🍎 Community for Vision AI Enthusiasts

This is our biggest news! We are building a community where AI engineers, AI researchers, data engineers and data scientists share ideas of Vision AI, visual data preparation and MLOps:

  • 💡 Share articles, papers, useful tutorials and learn best practices about how to apply Vision AI to solve real-world problems
  • 🦄 Find like-minded friends and partnerships for your projects
  • 😊 Help out each other with your domain expertise and use cases
  • ... and more!

🚀 Product Updates

Instill Cloud - with a brand new console

With Instill Cloud, you don't have to worry about managing AI infrastructure, scalability or latency. We provide
  • 🧰 CLI / SDKs tools for developers to integrate with existing data stack in minutes
  • ✨ A console for non-developers to start processing visual data without coding
  • 😊 Premium support from Instill AI team
Instill Cloud is currently in private alpha, working closely with early users to build the most effective tools for visual data preparation. If this sounds interesting to you, request early access here.

Instill CLI - operate in the terminal

Our official command line interface (Instill CLI) is an open-source tool that provides direct access to the APIs of Instill services. You can develop shell scripts to manage your resources. See on GitHub.

Better performance - support for both REST and gRPC

Besides RESTful API, we now support gRPC. With smaller message payloads and rigorous specifications, the gRPC API is built to achieve low latency and high throughput communication.

📖 Monthly Digest

We have launched our official blog, where we publish useful guides and resources on visual data preparation, Vision AI and more! Check it out here.

Standardise visual data preparation
Wonder what is missing from the modern data stack? Wondering why Vision AI is still so inaccessible? Read our article Why Instill AI exists on how we bring Vision AI into the modern data stack by standardising visual data preparation.

And that's all for now. Stay well! I look forward to everything we will achieve together in 2022.

Cheers 🍻,
Co-founder & COO @ Instill AI

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