Getting started with Instill VDP

We've made it easy to get started with VDP either on a local machine.

#Local run


The code in the main branch reflects ongoing development progress for the next release and may not work as expected. If you need a stable alpha version, use the latest release instead.

Make sure you have the prerequisites set up:

  • macOS or Linux - VDP works on macOS or Linux, but does not support Windows at the moment.
  • Docker and Docker Compose - VDP uses Docker Compose to run all services at local.

Get started locally by running:

git clone && cd vdp
make all

Once the services are up, the Console UI is ready to go at http://localhost:3000.

To shut down all running services:

make down

#Deploy on Kubernetes

Please follow the instructions to deploy VDP on local Kubernetes using Helm.

#Start building with VDP

If this is your first time setting up VDP, access the Console (http://localhost:3000) and you should see the onboarding page. Please enter your email and you are all set!

Onboarding page of the VDP Console
Onboarding page of the VDP Console

Jump right in VDP 101 [3/7] Create your first pipeline on VDP and explore other VDP tutorials.

#Learn VDP

📔 Dive into the core concepts

📔 Check out the tutorials

📔 Explore the Connectors to find the connectors you want

📔 Explore the APIs of Protobufs or OpenAPI (after make all or make doc)

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