Prepare pre-processing model

To prepare pre-processing model in Python, create a Python file with a structure similar to below:

import triton_python_backend_utils as pb_utils
from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
class TritonPythonModel(ABC):
"""Your Python model must use the same class name.
Every Python model that is created must have "TritonPythonModel" as the class name.
def initialize(self, args):
"""`initialize` is called only once when the model is being loaded.
Implementing `initialize` function is optional. This function allows
the model to initialize any state associated with this model.
args : dict
Both keys and values are strings. The dictionary keys and values are:
* model_config: A JSON string containing the model configuration
* model_instance_kind: A string containing model instance kind
* model_instance_device_id: A string containing model instance device ID
* model_repository: Model repository path
* model_version: Model version
* model_name: Model name
def execute(self, requests):
"""`execute` must be implemented in every Python model. `execute`
function receives a list of pb_utils.InferenceRequest as the only
argument. This function is called when an inference is requested
for this model.
requests : list
A list of pb_utils.InferenceRequest
A list of pb_utils.InferenceResponse. The length of this list must
be the same as `requests`
responses = []
# Every Python backend must iterate through list of requests and create
# an instance of pb_utils.InferenceResponse class for each of them. You
# should avoid storing any of the input Tensors in the class attributes
# as they will be overridden in subsequent inference requests. You can
# make a copy of the underlying NumPy array and store it if it is
# required.
for request in requests:
# Perform inference on the request and append it to responses list...
response = self.pre_process_batch_request(request)
# You must return a list of pb_utils.InferenceResponse. Length
# of this list must match the length of `requests` list.
return responses
def finalize(self):
"""`finalize` is called only once when the model is being unloaded.
Implementing `finalize` function is optional. This function allows
the model to perform any necessary clean ups before exit.
print('Cleaning up...')
def pre_process_batch_request(self, request):
"""`pre_process_batch_request` pre-processes a Triton Inference request
and outputs a Triton Inference response
request : pb_utils.InferenceRequest
A Triton Inference Request
A Triton Inference Response
raise NotImplementedError(
f'Implement pre-process function for a Triton Inference request')

Follow the above structure and implement the abstract method pre_process_batch_request to pre-process the input images in a batch request.

Last updated: 9/7/2023, 6:02:58 AM